We had our eye on two sites now, one owned by the church, the other by the local council but at this point there was a major obstacle to development. This was interesting. There was a little cul-de-sac Lewis Close and both the church plot and council plot seemed to have ready access off it. … More Landlocked!

Searching for Land

My local MP at the time Mr David Burrowes knew little about the Right to Build legislation but said he would try to find out how it could be effective. He believed the local authority would be unlikely to want to help and would want to sell Amy Council land at the highest price for … More Searching for Land

The Right to Build

Our prospects were bleak, but while standing in the tiny house looking at the dismal surroundings I had a change of heart and a spurt of determination. Peter had encouraged me to look at building our own house, and I’d talked to a few friends and looked at a few auction sites but had never really taken … More The Right to Build

The Turning Point

“You won’t get another fantastic opportunity like this at this price… It will be gone in days,” went the estate agent’s pitch. The fantastic opportunity was a tiny ex-local authority 2-up-2-down terraced house with a loft extension, in an estate that would have been nice apart from the unkempt gardens, rubbish in the driveways and … More The Turning Point